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20 avril 2018

Rencontre International

vendredi, 04 mars 2016 21:39


Since the summer of 2001, the British authorities knew the New IRA as group of Irish national independence with strong appeal to the IRA forces. Scotland Yard had merely monitored their activities, considering the independents group not prone to the violence. Until then, they had propaganda through leaflets and on the web. In November 3rd 2003 a small commando, armed with AK-47, has penetrated into the residence of the Irish Minister of Defence, Sir John Nicholas Reynolds O’Brien, and executed him on the spot. Few days later, the attack was claimed by the New IRA, justifying the execution of the Minister as "a man without courage, who has never fought for his country. 

All info: SITREP

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Arma 3


Arma 3 est le dernier né de la série des jeux de tir militaire développé par Bohemia Interactive.
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Pack OFCRA permet d'ajouter des addons pour améliorer nos campagnes.
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Task Force Radio


Task Force Radio ajoute une gestion des radios et une grande immersion au niveau des communications.
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rhs logo lead

RHS Escalation est mod sur l'armée russe et américaine développé par le studio Red Hammer.
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