45-Eastern Wind

Printemps 2019 - ARMA III


Eastern Wind is a 6 missions campaign organized by “Secondo Reggimento Incursori” (hereinafter “2RGT”). 2RGT aim to offer an interesting series of TvT events in a friendly environment, to enjoy a mil-sim atmosphere through the cooperation with other international units.
In each chapter of the independence war between URSS and the Republic of Chernarus, you will face different objectives to complete and achieve campaign points and information about the enemy location. The latter will be used in the 6th and final mission, where each side will be provided with a task and no intel on it, beside the information retrieved during the previous 5 missions (be aware, some intel could be misleading!). The winning side will be the one which collected the most campaign points at the end of the 6th mission.
The Campaign is designed to promote the infantry firefight with the support of light vehicles, in a simulative and immersive story. Therefore, mission objectives are predetermined since the beginning of the campaign and infantry weapons, as well vehicles availability is set accordingly to balance the missions, in full respect of the storyline.


The socialist republic of Chernarus has been part of the USSR since its foundation in 1922, representing one of the states with the greatest influence of the entire Eastern bloc. After World War II, Belarus received a seat at the United Nations general assembly, along with USSR and Ukraine. A violent reaction broke out in Chernarus with several protests of political and intellectual leaders, concerned about the potential impact on Chernarus’ influence in the whole Eastern bloc. Slowly the situation returned to normal, but growing impatience with USSR policies aimed at favouring member states closer to the NATO bloc.
On 28th October 1990 democratic parliamentary elections were held and on 9th April 1990 the independence from the USSR was declared by the nationalist leader Zviak Gamsekhurtia and the new formed nation was called the Republic of Chernarus. As first among the socialist republics to leave the Eastern bloc, the secession was not recognized by the Soviet Union. However, this event triggered strong instability in the area and other socialist republics showed strong push towards recognition of their independence.
With the intent to give a strong signal, a motorized division was sent to support the troops stationed in the area. This reaction was perceived by the government of Chernarus as an armed invasion and an attack on the independence of the newly formed Republic of Chernarus.


  • Each side may deploy a maximum of 40 players
  • Each mission lasts 120 minutes with additional 15 minutes of warmup time in game.
  • Players are not allowed to leave their respective starting area before the end of the warmup.
  • A maximum of 10 points might be earned during each mission, awarded as follow:
  • Primary Objective:  5 points;
  • Secondary Objective : 3 points;
  • Secondary Objective: 2 points.

At the completion of any objective, a random intel (predetermined during the mission design) will be given to the respective side. Some secondary objectives may provide additional bonuses (see each mission briefing) such as:

  • Armed light vehicles;
  • Starting areas in a better position;
  • Improved infantry weapons and or gears;
  • A malus to the opposite side.

Any breach of the following rules will result in a penalty of 5 campaign points:

  • It is strictly forbidden to kill AIs to recover their gear.
  • It is forbidden to steal enemy radio or uniform
  • You can only use TFAR for communication in game
  • Chat text is authorized only for technical issues.
  • It is required at least one crew chief to unlock an armed vehicle.
  • Any unfair use of the after death spectator mode is strongly forbidden.

Markers on map are allowed


  • [Eastern Wind] - Chapter I: 14 mars 2019
  • [Eastern Wind] - Chapter II: 28 mars 2019
  • [Eastern Wind] - Chapter III: 11 avril 2019
  • [Eastern Wind] - Chapter IV: 25 avril 2019
  • [Eastern Wind] - Chapter V: 09 mai 2019
  • [Eastern Wind] - Chapter VI: 23 mai 2019