[Public PvP - 28/04/2022] Battle for Kinduf Airport

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15 avril 2022 à 23:16:20 Dernière édition: 25 avril 2022 à 14:34:57 par Manchot
Battle for Kinduf Airport (90 minutes)
+ 1x Small Mission (30 minutes)

 British Armed Forces vs The National Takistani Armed Forces

Date : 28/04/2022

Open to anyone ! Ouvert à tous le monde !

[Date & hour - Timezone CET]

21h00 -> Meet on our Teamspeak & start slotting 
21h15 -> Briefing on map
21h30 -> Mission start !

Contexte / Backstory

Mai 2015 - Province de Kiduf, Takistan
Les Forces britanniques sont maintenant présentes dans le sud du Takistan depuis plusieurs mois. La progression s'est ralentie et les forces takistanaises ont commencé à reprendre des positions fortifiées que les britanniques n'arrivent pas à déborder. Récemment, un détachement de l'armée de sa majestée est parvenue à retrouver et capturer un ancien commandant takistanais, que le pays soupçonne de connaître beaucoup d'informations sensibles. Au même moment, le quartier général du Takistan s'apprête à lancer une offensive d'envergure contre un aéroport récemment capturé par les britanniques.
Les prochaines heures seront critiques dans ce conflit, dans la mesure où le pouvoir politique takistanais ne peut se permettre une nouvelle défaite. Du côté occidental, l'armée du Royaume-Uni ne peut tout simplement pas se permettre de subir une défaite face à une armée moins bien équipée et moins entraînée.

May 2015 - Province of Kiduf, Takistan
The British Forces have now been operating in southern Takistan for several months. The advance has slowed down and the Takistan forces began to take back fortified positions that the British could not overcome. Recently, a detachment of the army of her majesty managed to find and capture a former Takistani commander, whom the HQ suspects to know a lot of sensitive information. At the same time, the Takistani headquarters is preparing to launch a major offensive against an airport recently captured by the British.
The next few hours will be critical in this conflict, as Takistan's political power cannot afford another defeat. On the western side, the United Kingdom's army simply cannot afford to be defeated by a less equipped and less trained army.

Tac Map
Spoiler: montrer
Closer view of the airport
Spoiler: montrer
Spoiler: montrer
Spoiler: montrer
Flag building
Spoiler: montrer
Camouflage comparison
Spoiler: montrer

Important notes

  • HE have been removed from all vehicles. Only penetrating ammo is left is decent quantity
  • Objectives which are not the flag objective have limited time of completion. See the in game map to know the timer for each objective
  • Ammo for your pistols are available in the crates at spawn. Same goes for various usefull tools and equipment
  • There are no slots with explosives as they are not required. All AT guns in the slots are enough to destroy the truck in the explosives depot. The tanks can also do the job
  • The trucks will be in a different place than in the test mission. There is no way for both teams to know where the trucks are before the start of the actual game
  • The VIP has to stay 15 minutes in the interrogation building for the objective to be complete. If the objective locks itself before the end of the 15 minutes, then BLUEFOR will not get the points
  • If the VIP dies in the interrogation building, both sides will get points. The idea is that the British got what they wanted partially and so did the Takistanis
  • Every squad leader can update the position of the VIP with an ACE interaction
  • Squads Echo and Foxtrot are in a very difficult situation. BE AWARE THAT TAKING THOSE SQUADS MIGHT RESULT IN A BRUTAL DEATH EARLY IN THE MISSION.

Bluefor and Redfor objectives

Bluefor : Switch the flag to the British one[4 pts]
Redfor: Switch the flag to the Takistani one[4 pts]
Description: The British flag is currently floating on of the tallest building in the small city of Kiduf. The side that will manage to get his flag to float by the end of the mission will gain a huge moral boost for the next coming days.

Bluefor : The trucks have been preserved [1pt/truck max 3 pts]
Redfor: The trucks have been destroyed [1pt/truck max 3 pts]
Description: The British know that a huge offensive is coming their way and they don't believe they can hold this time. They've packed their equipment in truck and most of them are already gone, except for three. They'll be leaving soon, but the Takistani still have the opportunity to inflict damage to the British logistic.

Bluefor :  The VIP has been interrogated [2 pts]
Redfor: The VIP is dead [2 pts]
Description: The VIP holds precious information and the British high command really wants to know everything about it. He won't resist for long, but we need specially trained officers to take care of him for it to be short. He got critically injured while getting captured. He doesn't have much time left.

Bluefor: Supremacy bonus [2 pts]
Redfor: Supremacy bonus [2 pts]
Condition for obtaining points: Enemy has less than five remaining

Configuration & technical setup
➔ Comment faire pour synchroniser ses addons et participer à une partie OFCRA ? (Modset + repo Armasync) - How to ? Basically all the technicals intel you need to know to play with us (our repo/modset + armasync configuration) [/b]

Armasync URL autoconfig

-> MODSET: Vous ne pouvez pas voir les fichiers joints de cette section. 

Public Server & test mission, will be up 24h-48h prior to the event, to stress/test your mod/addons

Server public: game.ofcra.org
port: 2302
password: ofcra
Teamspeak 3 OFCRA
IP : ts.ofcra.org
Mot de passe : mineisbiggerthanyours

Règles / Rules

  • Vol de radio interdit // Stealing radios is prohibited
  • Vol d'uniformes (chapeau, vêtement, gilets) interdit // Stealing uniforms (hats, cloth, vest) is prohibited
  • Utiliser les explosifs pour les placer sur les véhicules et s'en servir comme véhicules bélier/suicides est strictement interdit // Using the explosives to trap the vehicles and use them as suicide bombers is strictly forbidden
  • Tout autre moyen de communication que TFAR est strictement interdit // You can only use TFAR for communication ingame
  • L'usage du chat In game est strictement limité aux problèmes techniques // Chat text is authorized only for technicals problem
  • Respect de la hiérarchie militaire - chef de camp et chef de groupe selon ordre et mission //   Respect the hierarchy, orders and chains of command
  • Aucune IA, merci de désactiver les slots qui resteront libre // NO AI units. Please close the unused slots
  • Utilisation de véhicules lourds ennemies interdit // Stealing heavy vehicles is prohibited
  • Autorisation d'utiliser le reste des véhicules ennemis si vous en trouvez // You can steal any other light vehicule (Jeep)
  • Obligation d'avoir au moins un squad leader si l'on veut prendre un slot dans un groupe (exception pour le riflemen) // You need at least one squad leader in a group to take any other slot (except for rifleman slot)
  • Marqueurs sur carte autorisés // Markers on map are authorized
  • Attention à la vie civile, dommages collatéraux interdits  // Watch out for collateral damages, no civilians must be harmed
  • Lonewolf strictement interdit // No lonewolf

Apprenez-en plus a propos des règles ici // Learn more about the rule here : https://www.ofcrav2.org/fr/participer/regles


15 avril 2022 à 23:16:33 #1 Dernière édition: 28 avril 2022 à 15:40:55 par Manchot

United Kingdom (57 slots)

 - Captain Price (L91A1) WT
 - Second in command (L91A1) WT
 - HQ Bodyguard (L85A3 + NLAW) WT
 - HQ Bodyguard (L85A3) WT

Big bird
 - Helicopter Pilot (L91A1) Hydra
 - Crew members (L91A1) Hydra
 - Crew members (L91A1) Hydra
 - Crew members (L91A1) Hydra
 - Crew members (L91A1) Hydra

 - Squad Leader (L85A3) WT
 - Team Leader (L85A3) WT
 - Medic (L22A2) WT
 - Heavy Machinegunner (L7A2 GPMG) WT
 - Heavy MG Assist. (L85A3) WT
 - Light AT Rifleman (L85A3 + ILAW HP) WT
 - Rifleman (L85A3 + M240 tripod) WT
 - Rifleman (L85A3 + M240 Gun Bag) WT

 - Squad Leader (L85A3) IBC
 - Team Leader (L85A3) IBC
 - Medic (L22A2) IBC
 - Marksman (L129A1) IBC
 - Marksman Assist. (L85A3 + Designator) IBC
 - Heavy AT Rifleman (L85A3 + NLAW) IBC
 - Rifleman (L85A3 + M240 tripod) IBC
 - Rifleman (L85A3 + M240 Gun Bag) IBC

 - Squad Leader (L85A3) FE
 - Team Leader (L85A3)  FE
 - Medic (L22A2)  FE
 - Light Machinegunner (L110A1)  FE
 - Grenadier  FE
 - Light AT Rifleman (L85A3 + ILAW HP) FE
 - Rifleman (L85A3 + M240 tripod) FE
 - Rifleman (L85A3 + M240 Gun Bag) FE

 - Squad Leader (L85A3) OFCRA
 - Team Leader (L85A3) OFCRA
 - Medic (L22A2) OFCRA
 - Heavy Machinegunner (L7A2 GPMG) OFCRA
 - Heavy MG Assist. (L85A3) OFCRA
 - Heavy AT Rifleman (L85A3 + NLAW) OFCRA
 - Rifleman (L85A3 + M240 tripod) OFCRA
 - Rifleman (L85A3 + M240 Gun Bag) OFCRA

 - Squad Leader (L85A3) 19th
 - Team Leader (L85A3) 19th
 - Medic (L22A2) 19th
 - Marksman (L129A1) 19th
 - Marksman Assist. (L85A3 + Designator) 19th
 - Heavy AT Rifleman (L85A3 + NLAW) 19th
 - Rifleman (L85A3 + M240 tripod) 19th
 - Rifleman (L85A3 + M240 Gun Bag) 19th

 - Squad Leader (L85A3)  19th
 - Team Leader (L85A3) 19th
 - Medic (L22A2) 19th
 - Light Machinegunner (L110A1) 19th
 - Grenadier 19th
 - Light AT Rifleman (L85A3 + ILAW HP) 19th
 - Rifleman (L85A3 + M240 tripod) 19th
 - Rifleman (L85A3 + M240 Gun Bag) 19th

1x Jackal 2 HMG
1x Coyote HMG
3x Land Rover WMIK GPMG
3x Land Rover WMIK MILAN FFR

Takistani army (55 slots)

 - Commander Massoud  (AKS-74U) - Ilbinek
 - Second in command (AKS-74U)
 - HQ Bodyguard (AK-74)
 - HQ Bodyguard (AK-74 + RPG-7V2)

Tank Crew
 - Tank crew leader (AKS-74U)   FJB49
 - Crew members (AKS-74U)  FJB49
 - Crew members (AKS-74U)  FJB49

 - Squad Leader (AK-74)   FJB49
 - Team Leader (AK-74N + GP-25)  FJB49
 - Medic (AKS-74U)  FJB49
 - Heavy Machinegunner (RPK)  FJB49
 - Heavy MG Assist. (AK-74)  FJB49
 - Light AT Rifleman (RPG-18)  FJB49
 - Rifleman (AK-74 + NSV 6T7 Tripod)  FJB49
 - Rifleman (AK-74 + 6T7 Gun bag)  FJB49

 - Squad Leader (AK-74)  CZ/SK
 - Team Leader (AK-74N + GP-25) CZ/SK
 - Medic (AKS-74U) CZ/SK
 - Marksman (SVD) CZ/SK
 - Marksman Assist (AKS-74 + Designator) CZ/SK
 - Heavy AT Rifleman (AK-74 + RPG-7V2 ) CZ/SK
 - Rifleman (AK-74 + 6T7 Gun bag) CZ/SK
 - Rifleman (AK-74 + NSV 6T7 Tripod) CZ/SK

 - Squad Leader (AK-74) JZS
 - Team Leader (AK-74N + GP-25) JZS
 - Medic (AKS-74U) JZS
 - Grenadier (AKS-74 + GP-25) JZS
 - Rifleman (AK-74 + 6T7 Gun bag) JZS
 - Rifleman (AK-74 + NSV 6T7 Tripod) JZS
 - Light AT Rifleman (AK-74 + RPG-18) JZS
 - Light Machinegunner JZS

 - Squad Leader (AK-74) EDEN
 - Team Leader (AK-74N + GP-25) EDEN
 - Medic (AKS-74U) EDEN
 - Heavy Machinegunner (RPK) EDEN
 - Heavy MG Assist. (AK-74) EDEN
 - Light AT Rifleman (RPG-18) EDEN
 - Rifleman (AK-74 + NSV 6T7 Tripod) EDEN
 - Rifleman (AK-74 + 6T7 Gun bag) EDEN

 - Squad Leader (AK-74) BG
 - Team Leader (AK-74N + GP-25) BG
 - Medic (AKS-74U) BG
 - Marksman (SVD) BG
 - Marksman Assist (AKS-74 + Designator) BG
 - Heavy AT Rifleman (AK-74 + RPG-7V2 ) BG
 - Rifleman (AK-74 + 6T7 Gun bag) BG
 - Rifleman (AK-74 + NSV 6T7 Tripod) BG

 - Squad Leader (AK-74)  FAWR
 - Team Leader (AK-74N + GP-25) FAWR
 - Medic (AKS-74U) FAWR
 - Grenadier (AKS-74 + GP-25) FAWR
 - Rifleman (AK-74 + 6T7 Gun bag) FAWR
 - Rifleman (AK-74 + NSV 6T7 Tripod) FAWR
 - Light AT Rifleman (RPG-18) FAWR
 - Light Machinegunner FAWR

3x GAZ Vodnik (unarmed)
1x GAZ Vodnik (30mm canon)
2x Hilux (covered)