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Teamspeak 3 OFCRA
IP : ts.ofcra.org
Mot de passe : mineisbiggerthanyours
Discord: https://discord.gg/bWtGS7N


[Recrutement] Soldat Ivno

Démarré par Ivno, 24 juin 2022 à 12:10:34

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Demande de recrutement pour le soldat Ivno

Camp souhaité (bluefor:francophone / redfor:english speaking):redfor
Age du candidat :18 ans
Expérience d'ARMA 3 : 1100 hours recorded on steam, about 400 of them making missions or zeusing.
Autre(s) activitée(s) :Real life stuff or other gaming activities.
Pourquoi l'OFCRA :Because I want to be part of this beautiful organization, and since I've been attending OFCRA events for some time now (around september 2021) I want to integrate myself fully in OFCRA.
Complément :I can't pay right now but I will be able to in about 1 or 2 weeks when my bank account is unblocked.

J'approuve le règlement intérieur de l'OFCRA.
J'accepte les conditions d'encadrement en qualité de Stagiaire.


Welcome at OFCRA!
We'll get in touch soon to explain everything about the association / rules / incoporation, etc



Welcome aboard, this is the way  :ontatend: