[Totalt Försvar] Panseret krigsforels

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    [Totalt Försvar]Panseret Krigsforels- 13.05.2021 - 2100CEST

    German armed Forces vs Russian GRU

    Date & hour - Timezone CEST (Euro)

    21h00 -> Meet on our Teamspeak & start slotting
    21h15 -> Briefing on map or ingame
    21h30 -> Mission start !




    Informations générales/General informations

    • Hon. For disabling the bomb (bluefor objective), you'll have to "cut a wire" out of 5 different options. Correct one will be revealed by the documents in the infiltrator cabin. (circled in red below)
    • Hon. The documents in the infiltrator cabin will add a briefing entry that will display the color of the wire to cut. Please make sure to test it in advance.
    • Hon. The wire colour that will defuse the bomb will obviously be randomised for the main mission.
    • Hon. The northern truck will "lock" after 1h10 from warmup end (If the explosives are enabled, it will blow up, otherwise it will be permanently disabled).
    • Hon. The southern truck will be fought for until the end, and if the explosives are enabled, it will blow up after mission end.
    • Hon. The visual clue for the explosives being enabled are the white batteries circled in red in the photo below. Batteries present = Explosives enabled and viceversa.
    • Hon. The T-72B3 will be made stealable as an exception to allow bluefor to move the tank if the situation allows it. And it would be a considerable lack of judgement from redfor for it to get stolen.


    Infiltrator Cabin (Bomb Defusal Info)
    Bomb Defusal
    Logi Depot (Bomb)

    German Army
    Russian GRU
    Russian T-72B3
    Truck Bombs (with the battery)


    Common Objectives
    • Oetzen northern truck exploded (1pts Red) | not exploded (1 pts Blue)
    • Oetzen southern truck exploded (1pts Red) | not exploded (1 pts Blue)

    BLUEFOR Objectives
    • Logi Storage Bomb successfully defused (2pts)
    • Supremacy - less than 5 redfor PAX alive (2pts)

    REDFOR Objectives
    • T-72B3 tank inside Oetzen (orange zone) at the end of the game (2pts)
    • Supremacy - less than 5 bluefor PAX alive (2pts)

    Règles/ Rules

    Règles générales de l'OFCRA / OFCRA generic rules:

    Configuration & technical setup

    • Comment synchroniser vos addons avec Arma3sync
    • How to sync your addons with Arma3sync

    Modset: [OFCRA] Totalt Försvar Campaign - https://www.ofcrav2.org/fr/participer/repository
    • 3cb_factions
    • ace
    • ace_compat_rhs
    • ace_compat_bwmod
    • acex
    • bwmod
    • cba_a3
    • cup_terrains_core
    • ofcra
    • redd_tank_vehicles
    • ruha
    • esseker
    • Napf
    • rosche
    • swedish_forces_pack
    • rhsafrf
    • rhsgref
    • rhsusaf
    • rhssaf
    • tfar

    Public Server & test mission, will be up 24h-48h prior to the event, to stress/test your mod/addons
    Server public: game.ofcra.org
    Port: 2302
    Password: ofcra

    Teamspeak 3 OFCRA
    IP : ts.ofcra.org
    Password: mineisbiggerthanyours[/list]