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[Gruppa Krovi] M04 - TBD

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[Gruppa Krovi Campaign] Operacija Magistral - xx.12.2021 - 2100CET

Red Army vs Mujahideen

Date & hour - Timezone CET (Euro)

21h00 -> Meet on our Teamspeak & start slotting
21h15 -> Briefing on map or ingame
21h30 -> Mission start !

SITAC/Historical Context

Khost, January 1988
French Goes Here

Khost, January 1988
Operacija Magistral was launched to open the road from Gardez to Khost that had been blocked by Mujahideen forces and a local tribe for several months, in order to deliver supplies to the population and the soviet-backed Afghan government troops in the besieged city on the Afghan–Pakistani border. In reality, the operation did not aim to achieve significant strategic outcomes in regards of the siege of khost, but rather aimed in opening up an avenue for the retreat, hoping to mark the end of their widely condemned presence in the country with a victory.

The ground offensive began after weeks of failed negotiations with the Jadran tribe and Mujahideen commander Jalaluddin Haqqani, who had numerous bases in the region and hoped that Khost would eventually fall into their hands which would allow them to proclaim the first territorial stronghold in Afghanistan independent of the pro-Kremlin regime in Kabul.

As it became clear the soviet were evacuating their forces, the mujahideen jumped on the opportunity to secure some important supplies for their upcoming struggle against the soviet backed Democratic Republic of Afghanistan. In the dying stages of the evacuation, Mujahideen forces took on the undersupplied troops holding the key points along the Gardez-Khost road in order to regain control over the strategically important road to Khost and to snatch supply from the last convoys evacuating the town.

Informations générales/General Informations

xx.For any doubt regarding discrepancies found in the post or the mission don't be afraid to contact me


Tac Map



Common Objectives
  • TBD

Soviet Objectives
  • TBD
  • TBD
  • TBD
  • Supremacy - less than 5 redfor PAX alive (tbd pts)

Mujahideen Objectives
  • TBD
  • TBD
  • TBD
  • Supremacy - less than 5 bluefor PAX alive (tbd pts)

Règles/ Rules

Règles générales de l'OFCRA / OFCRA generic rules:

Configuration & technical setup
  • Comment synchroniser vos addons avec Arma3sync
  • How to sync your addons with Arma3sync

Modset: [OFCRA] Gruppa Krovi Campaign
  • 3cb_factions
  • ace
  • ace_compat_rhs
  • cba_a3
  • cup_terrains_core
  • ofcra
  • rhsafrf
  • rhsgref
  • rhsusaf
  • rhssaf
  • jbad
  • Lythium
  • tfar

Public Server & test mission, will be up 24h-48h prior to the event, to stress/test your mod/addons
Server public: game.ofcra.org
Port: 2302
Password: ofcra

Teamspeak 3 OFCRA

IP : ts.ofcra.org
Password: mineisbiggerthanyours