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Teamspeak 3 OFCRA
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[Recrutement] Soldat Bombarda

Démarré par Bombarda, 03 Août 2023 à 12:51:43

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Demande de recrutement pour le soldat Bombarda

Camp souhaité (bluefor:francophone / redfor:english speaking):redfor
Age du candidat :24 ans
Expérience d'ARMA 3 : I play Arma III since 2016, I have 3005 hours in game. I was for one year in italian unit (9th Generic Unit). My roles have been machinegunner or grenadier.
Since 2017 I play arma with friends in Team Leader position, creating mission and editing them.
I would like to play in this unit like grenadier or AntiTank player, maybe one day to be team leader.

Autre(s) activitée(s) :I like playing sports, from playing soccer with friends to weight training. I am an Italian sports shooter.
Pourquoi l'OFCRA :I was looking for a unit like this, a pvp unit with certain experience.
Complément :

J'approuve le règlement intérieur de l'OFCRA.
J'accepte les conditions d'encadrement en qualité de Stagiaire.


Hello Bombarda!

First of all, sorry for the late reply and welcome at  :ontatend:

We are going to take contact with you in private and settle everything asap!

See you soon!