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19th Nasa

15 janvier 2020 à 13:23:40 Dernière édition: 29 janvier 2020 à 13:31:59 par Manchot
Northern Fronts Campaign 

Norwegian Armed Forces vs Finnish Defence Forces

A campaign by OFCRA created by PHK and Nasa

Avec le risque d'une agression russe se faisant de plus en plus grande, la Finlande cherche des garanties auprès de ses alliés afin de rester indépendante. Cette décision va permettre aux forces finlandaises de s'entraîner avec les forces norvégiennes. Ces nouveaux exercices qui auront lieu dans un région peu peuplée (le Finmark) sont d'une ampleur plus importante que tous ceux qui les précèdent entre ces deux pays et son complètement non scénarisés. Ils seront donc un vrai test des forces et des faiblesses de chacun. Pour la première fois au monde, ces exercices auront lieu avec une communication minimum vers l'extérieur afin de simuler une guerre contre une puissance capable de dominer la cyberguerre et donc laisser plus de pouvoir aux commandants de pelotons. Les Norvégiens attaquent les premiers avec un débarquement sur les côtes finlandaises proches d'une ligne de ravitaillement clé en utilisant des atouts aériens et navals. A partir de maintenant, seul le temps pourra dire si cette attaque aura une importance décisive sur les événements à venir.

With Russian aggression on the rise the independent Finland looks to its neighbours as a guarantee to remain so. This change will allow forces of Finland to train with that of Norway. These new exercises in the largely underpopulated Finmark region are the largest ever done by either nation and are completely unscripted so will be a true test of each forces strengths and weaknesses. In a world first this exercise will take place with minimum communication to the outside as to truly prepare for war with a power who can dominate electronic warfare and empower platoon leaders. But this exercise will take a turn for the worst and only those with the will and skill to complete their objectives will come out alive. 

Key points
  • 6 missions, including 1 prelude and 5 main missions.
  • 1 Prelude mission to be used if anyone has any valid camo or equipment issues.
  • 5 narrative driven missions where the outcome of the last will affect the future.
  • hese narrative consequences function over previous point systems to avoid salt. We play because we enjoy playing not to gain points.
  • Consequences vary from equipment change to a category B army to alternative spawn. All will depend on the outcome of objectives.
  • Despite the Norwegians use of majority NATO equipment and the Finns use of majority soviet both sides should feel equally equipped. No sides gear is getting majorly shafted for the sake of realism.
  • Infantry based gameplay is at the core of this campaign but that does not mean this will not feature combined arms at some points but at no point will these vehicles  have HE. Helicopter and armor enthusiasts fear not!
  • In the playing of these mission it will feel more like a public mission than one of the previous campaigns. For as much as 2hr big mission can be enjoyable we believe that everyone should be given the opportunity in a mission to discharge their weapon.
  • In the playing of these mission it will feel more like a public mission than one of the previous campaigns. For as much as 2hr big mission can be enjoyable we believe that everyone should be given the opportunity in a mission to discharge their weapon.
  • The missions of this campaign will feature both Norwegian attacks, meet in the middle and Finnish attacks. So worry not, no one will have to sit afk on an objective for 6 missions straight.

Mission dates:
  • Prelude, Salty Shores: 30/1/2020
  • Mission 1, TBD: 13/2/2020
  • Mission 2, TBD: 27/2/2020
  • Mission 3, TBD: 12/3/2020
  • Mission 4, TBD: 26/3/2020
  • Mission 5, TBD: 9/4/2020
OFCRA reserves the right to change these dates if a mod breaks or something else game breaking occurs but in these scenarios team leaders will be informed.

Mission Modset: [OFCRA] Northern Fronts
  • @3cb_factions
  • @ace
  • @ace_compat_rhs
  • @acex
  • @cba_a3
  • @CUP_Terrains_Core
  • @hellanmaa
  • @ruha
  • @virolahti
  • @ws_uniforms
  • @ofcra_v3
  • @rhsafrf
  • @rhsgref
  • @rhsusaf
  • @rhssaf
  • @tfar
The vast amount of these mods can be acquired via steam for those teams who do not use ArmaSync but for those which can not be we have made this lovely tool just for you! https://www.ofcrav2.org/engagez-vous/repository

As a general point if you could not do something in a public game hosted by the OFCRA then I would not expect anyone to do it here but just to remind people incase they do not read the forum I shall list the rules of which the games hosted by OFCRA are run.

  • Stealing radios is banned
  • Stealing any piece of uniforms is banned
  • Using methods other than TFAR to communicate ingame is banned
  • Only using text chat for technical problems
  • Respecting the command structure of each side
  • You need Section Leader in a group to take the other slots inside it
  • No lonewolf, I will interpret this rule for the campaign as having a group of three playing independent in a squad as the minimum unless they are survivors from a previous contact.
  • Stealing heavy vehicles is prohibited, you can steal any other light vehicle (Jeep/heli)