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Teamspeak 3 OFCRA
IP : ts.ofcra.org
Mot de passe : mineisbiggerthanyours
Discord: https://discord.gg/bWtGS7N


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Archives / Re : Prélude Opération "RED FLAG"
18 Août 2019 à 20:03:37
Proposed changes for OPFOR
Spoiler: montrer
The changes were made according to the real state of the current Russian army to achieve greater authenticity.
I understand why MM gave us the PG-7VR for the RPG-7V, but their efective range is very small, and that is a big problem in the open ground on Malden. That's why I used the PG-7VL and OG-7V, plus it's authentically correct.
We will rely primarily on our paper tanks and ATGM against the M1A1s.

- GAZ-233011 -> GAZ-233114
- Metis -> Kornet
Spoiler: montrer
Kornet better counterpart to TOW, Metis is not user-friendly in A3

- units gear -> VDV modern (2010-present)
Spoiler: montrer
Modern VDV will be better alternatives to USMC than MSV/VMF.
Contemporary VDV squad supplemented by BTR-80.

Spoiler: montrer
BTR 80 infantry squad ( 9 pax)
SQLeader (AK74M/1P78)
TLeader (AK74M/GP25/1P78/RPG26)
MGunner (PKP/1P29)
MG Assistant (AK74M)
Grenadier (AK74/RPG7/PGO-7V3)
Grenadier Assistant (AK74M)
Sharpshooter (SVDS/PSO1M2)
Gunner (AKS74U)
Driver-Mechanic (AKS74U)

Spoiler: montrer
SVD is not as OP as most people think. In addition, due to ACE, it has less damage than 5.56/5.45. https://github.com/acemod/ACE3/issues/2931 And yes, the Russians have SVDs in every team, even though MSV is starting to move to the system 1 SVD per platoon, following the example of Western armies. However, the VDV still adheres to this original concept.

->GRU SpN (2016-present)
Spoiler: montrer
Conceived as an attack group, not purely as a reconnaissance unit. Because in any case, they will go into direct combat during the mission, so there is no reason not to take ballistic protection.

Spoiler: montrer
UAZ SF squad (4 pax)
Team leader (AK74MR/Elcan/RPG26)
Recon (AK74MR/XPS3+G33/RPG26) 
Medic (AK74MR/XPS3/RSHG 2)   
Sniper (SVDM/M5)

- Mi-8MT -> Mi8AMT
Bar / Re : Bonne année 2019
06 Janvier 2019 à 18:09:45
I would like to wish you a Happy New Year 2019 and to thank for events in 2018!
See you on the battlefield!
Archives / Re : [TvT Publique] - Green Hell
11 Novembre 2018 à 14:19:42
Hello! CZ would like to book Echo squad and one MH-60 for now.
Archives / Re : Cold War Smell
04 Septembre 2018 à 20:23:52
RPG-7 is now unusable, rockets fly randomly.
Archives / Re : [PvP Publique] Distruptive Day
21 Août 2018 à 17:36:10
thank you
Archives / Re : [PvP Publique] Distruptive Day
20 Août 2018 à 20:31:57
Hello! Do you update to ACE mod (3.12.3)? Or will we play with the old version(3.12.2)?
Are all the mods mandatory? Or can I delete the STHUD from @ofcra_v2? (I don't like it)
BLUEFOR plan: https://imgur.com/a/YgTQiWt
OPFOR plan: https://imgur.com/a/T4kzuQa

Videos from this event:
19th (OPFOR) (Hippie):
Spoiler: montrer


CK (OPFOR) (Bahamut261):
2RGT (Bluefor) (Spaghetti):
Spoiler: montrer

Spoiler: montrer


Bonus mission-1st round:

Bonus mission-2nd round:
A new week started. Finally... This one was cursed!  :'(
Spoiler: montrer

Spoiler: montrer
Thursday Friday Saturday:
Thank you all for cooperation, see you next time!
Bluefor plan: https://imgur.com/a/gzjUCIW
My record (timesteps in description):
Small update CZ: 17-19
UH-60 Pilot: [MOR] Aja
Briefing for  :bluefor: will be completed no later than tomorrow afternoon.
2x CZ will arrive.
Thanks for the game! Next time, OPFOR will win!  ;)
Hi! BTK/CSEC/MOR will take OPFOR-Rifle Squad 2 + 1xBMP-1+Land Rover. I'm planning some magic :wink29:
Thanks for the game, it was a nice evening with lots of fun!  :plusun: