L’Organisation Francophone de Combats Réalistes sur ArmA is a 1901 law association created in 2007 on Arma. Its purpose is to recreate the most realistic and immersive gaming atmosphere that Arma can provide. The objective is to put the player in the conditions as close as possible to those he would meet on a real theater of operation.

We regularly organize public PvP games as well as numerous private events and campaigns.


18.12.2020[PvP Publique] Christmas Fun Rounds - 24.12.2020


Vous ne savez pas quoi faire après avoir mangé votre dinde ? Vous voulez partager la magie de Noël avec plein d'amis virtuels? Alors venez participer à notre soirée Christmas Fun Rounds le 24 décembre dès 21h! Plusieurs missions de 20-30 minutes vous attendent! Aucune inscription nécessaire et venez quand ça vous arrange!

Not sure what to do after eating your turkey? Want to share the magic of Christmas with lots of virtual friends? Then come to our Christmas Fun Rounds evening on December 24th from 9pm! Several missions of 20-30 minutes are waiting for you! No registration necessary and come whenever it suits you!

More informations on our forum: https://ofcrav2.org/forum/index.php?topic=6065.0

11.12.2020[TvT Publique] Christmas in Kabul - 17.12.2020



Noël 2020, Kaboul
Timmy a demandé au père Noël un Kart sous le sapin. Les marines du père Noël doivent alors détruire les canons anti-aériens qui entourent la ville de Timmy afin de pouvoir effectuer la livraison.

Christmas 2020, Kabul
Timmy has asked Santa for a Go Kart for Christmas. Santa's marines must clear the anti-air guns from Timmy's town in order for Santa to complete his mission

More informations and registrations: https://ofcrav2.org/forum/index.php?topic=6066.0


27.11.2020[TvT Publique WWII] Battle of Nikolajewka - 03.12.2020


There is not a single Italian surname that wasn't left lying in the snow in the disastrous winter 1943 retreat.

The Italian Army in Russia (ARMIR) was an under equipped and poorly led army composed by close to a quarter of a million men sent by mussolini as a last ditch attempt to affirm Italy as an "equal partner" to Germany in the Axis, after the failures of the invasion of France over the alps, the East Africa campaign, the Greek campaign and the undecisive 1st battle of El Alamein, stopping the Afrikacorps dead on their tracks.

As part of the northern defence of the Stalingrad salient along the Don river, together with the Romanian and Hungarian armies, the ARMIR was smashed by Russian forces in operation Little Saturn with the objective of further solidifying the encirlement of the German 6th army in Stalingrad.

After holding their front, the three Alpini divisions along the river were encircled. The Julia and the Cuneense divisions were destroyed during the retreat, while only parts of the Tridentina made it to further German defenses, but were unable to continue the fighting, marking the dissolution of the entire army group. In total only 15.000 alpini made it back, out of the ~65.000 deployed on the Don.

The Battle of Nikolajewka is the last hurdle faced by the last few remaining fighting units as they fight their way out of the pocket

More informations and registrations: https://ofcrav2.org/forum/index.php?topic=6063.0

23.11.2020Cyber Island - campagne no 50


Nous allons commencer notre 50e campagne officielle, Cyber Island!

Nous aurons le plaisir de jouer avec les équipes suivantes : 19th (gb), 4PARA (gb), 6BAP (fr), ANROP (swe), BL (ita), CZ, D/2/506 (us/swe), FJB49 (de) et SIG (ita), durant 5 missions entre l'automne 2020 et l'hiver 2021.

Plus d'informations sur la campagne sur la page dédiée!

06.11.2020[TvT Publique] Operation Pelican - 12.11.2020


21 octobre 2015 - Province d'Al Rayak
Suite à des raisons inexpliquées, un hélicoptère de l'US ARMY s'est écrasé dans les montagnes près de Al Quisa. Au vu de la sensibilité des documents impliquant plusieurs acteurs privés dans cette région très convoitée pour ses ressources naturelles, une opération de récupération est menée, tant par les forces soviétiques que les forces américaines stationnées dans la région.
En outre, une base avancée abandonnées par les forces locales il y a peu, dans la région Bakhdia intéresse très fortement les deux factions, de part son emplacement stratégique.

October 21, 2015 - Al Rayak province
For unexplained reasons, a US ARMY helicopter crashed in the mountains near Al Quisa. In view of the sensitivity of the documents involving several private actors in this region highly coveted for its natural resources, a recovery operation was carried out by both Soviet and US forces stationed in the region.
In addition, a forward base recently abandoned by the local forces in the Bakhdia region is of great interest to both factions because of its strategic location.

More informations and registrations: https://ofcrav2.org/forum/index.php?topic=6051.0

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