[TvT Publique] Gaddafi's Proposal - 24.02.2022


L'Aquila, July 2009

At the 35th G8 summit, Gaddafi publicly called for the dissolution of Switzerland, its territory to be divided among France, Italy and Germany. To attempt to ease the tension between the countries and get the release of the two Swiss businessmen, Swiss President Hans-Rudolf Merz went to Tripoli in August 2009 to apologize for the arrests. This was criticized by the Swiss press and public, with numerous calls for his resignation.

In February 2010, Gaddafi called for an all-out Jihad against Switzerland in a speech held in Benghazi on the occasion of Mawlid. Gaddafi in reference to the Swiss ban on minarets described Switzerland as an "infidel harlot" and apostate. He called for a "jihad by all means", defining jihad as "a right to armed struggle", which he claimed should not be considered terrorism.

In late 2011, as Nato bombs were falling on the Lybian desert, Germany decided to pick up on Gaddafi's proposal, considering a majority of switzerland speaks a dialect of German and its inclusion would boost the german economy even further. Italy and France decided to intervene too, attacking switzerland in its back and taking their fair share of land. Not satisfied with germany getting the lion share of the economic spoils, the two nations allied together to chip away at Germany's gains.

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