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[Public PvP] The cost of war - 31/03/2022

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The cost of war (90 minutes)
+ 1x Small Mission (30 minutes)

 The National Armed Forces of Chernarus vs The Independant Republic of Lusianka

Date : 31/03/2022

Open to anyone ! Ouvert à tous le monde !

[Date & hour - Timezone CET (Euro)

21h00 -> Meet on our Teamspeak & start slotting 
21h15 -> Briefing on map
21h30 -> Mission start !

Contexte / Backstory

Avril 2013 - République de Chernarus, région de Lusianka, Novodmitrovsk.
Au début de l'année 2011, la petite région de Lusianka s'est rebellée contre le pouvoir central de Chernarus. Depuis, un conflit sanglant fait rage entre deux entités : les forces nationales supportées par plusieurs pays occidentaux et les forces indépendantistes, supportées elle-même par plusieurs anciennes républiques socialistes soviétiques. Le conflit n'a connu presque aucun répit depuis février 2011, et les victimes civiles sont hautes. La presse internationale et plusieurs ONG font état de 25 000 morts, et plus du triple ont décidé de quitter la région, voir le pays. Les deux camps se rejettent mutellement la faute, et il est difficile de désigner un seul coupable.
Récemment, les forces nationales sont parvenues à repousser les forces rebelles dans leur dernier bastion : la ville de Novodmitrovsk. Le moral reste haut dans les deux camps, les uns comme les autres refusent de céder la victoire. Les événements de cette nouvelle journée de combat vont changer le cours de cette guerre, et bientôt il sera temps de faire le bilan des pertes. Une question est déjà entrain de se répandre parmi les protagonistes : est-ce que le coût en valait vraiment la peine ?

April 2013 - Republic of Chernarus, region of Lusianka, Novodmitrovsk
In early 2011, the small region of Lusianka rebelled against the central power of Chernarus. Since then, a bloody conflict has raged between two entities: the national forces supported by several Western countries and the separatist forces, supported themselves by several former Soviet socialist republics. The conflict has had almost no respite since February 2011, and civilian casualties are high. The international press and several NGOs have reported 25,000 deaths, and more than triple that number have decided to leave the region, or even the country. Both sides are accusing each other for the crimes, and it is difficult to single out a one culprit.
Recently, the national forces managed to push the rebel forces into their last stronghold: the city of Novodmitrovsk. Morale remains high on both sides, both are refusing to yield victory. The events of this new day of combat will change the course of this war, and soon it will be time to do a summary of the losses. A question already spreading in the protagnists' minds: was the cost really worth it?

Tac Map
Spoiler: montrer
Spoiler: montrer
Explosives depot
Spoiler: montrer
Data access terminal
Spoiler: montrer
Camouflage comparison
Spoiler: montrer

Important notes

  • HE have been removed from all vehicles. Only penetrating ammo is left is decent quantity
  • Objectives which are not the capture zone have limited time of completion, which is 70 minutes. After that, only the capture zone is available.
  • Both sides are using AKs and russian made equipment. Do not rely on sound to identify your targets.
  • There are no slots with explosives as they not required. All AT guns in the slots are enough to destroy the truck in the explosives depot.
  • All squad have been equiped with a specific purpose in mind. You can take advantage of it to maximise your chances of winning.
  • The capture zone is not limited to the entire compound, but the building itself and only a little bit of the outside. If you want to make sure you're in the cap zone, be inside the building or on the roof.

Bluefor and Redfor objectives

Bluefor : Capture and Hold the kindergarten [4 pts]
Redfor: Capture and Hold the kindergarten [4 pts]
Description: The kindergarten is of high importance to control the city. It has been turned into a fortress by the rebels. Also it is one of the newest building, its construction ended only a few weeks before the start of the conflict. Your maps might not be up to date.

Bluefor : The ammo depot has been destroyed (the truck is enough) [3 pts]
Redfor: The ammo depot is intact (the truck is still ok) [3 pts]
Description: The rebels have threatened the central government to blow up the industry and infrastructure of the city if the national forces pushed any further. Fortunately (or not), they haven't been able to deploy their explosives. The national army has to take out the depot now before it is used.

Bluefor :  The data of the hard drive was copied [2 pts]
Redfor: The computer locked itself before the national army could steal data [2 pts]
Description:The National Army is desperate to find hard proofs of the involvement of multiple neighbouring countries in the conflict. The government is convinced that they are doing more than just providing weapons, and they might be trying to weaken the National Army for a future invasion. Recent reports of recon units indicate that what they are looking for might be on the hill behind the city, in a small building someone had transformed into a bitcoin farm before the war. The rebels have converted the place to a small data storage with maps, photos, files, drone controls, and maybe more.

Bluefor: Supremacy bonus [2 pts]
Redfor: Supremacy bonus [2 pts]
Condition for obtaining points: Enemy has less than five remaining

Configuration & technical setup
➔ Comment faire pour synchroniser ses addons et participer à une partie OFCRA ? (Modset + repo Armasync) - How to ? Basically all the technicals intel you need to know to play with us (our repo/modset + armasync configuration) [/b]

Armasync URL autoconfig

-> MODSET "Vous ne pouvez pas voir les fichiers joints de cette section."

Public Server & test mission, will be up 24h-48h prior to the event, to stress/test your mod/addons

Server public: game.ofcra.org
port: 2302
password: ofcra
Teamspeak 3 OFCRA
IP : ts.ofcra.org
Mot de passe : mineisbiggerthanyours

Règles / Rules

  • Vol de radio interdit // Stealing radios is prohibited
  • Vol d'uniformes (chapeau, vêtement, gilets) interdit // Stealing uniforms (hats, cloth, vest) is prohibited
  • Utiliser les explosifs pour les placer sur les véhicules et s'en servir comme véhicules bélier/suicides est strictement interdit // Using the explosives to trap the vehicles and use them as suicide bombers is strictly forbidden
  • Tout autre moyen de communication que TFAR est strictement interdit // You can only use TFAR for communication ingame
  • L'usage du chat In game est strictement limité aux problèmes techniques // Chat text is authorized only for technicals problem
  • Respect de la hiérarchie militaire - chef de camp et chef de groupe selon ordre et mission //   Respect the hierarchy, orders and chains of command
  • Aucune IA, merci de désactiver les slots qui resteront libre // NO AI units. Please close the unused slots
  • Utilisation de véhicules lourds ennemies interdit // Stealing heavy vehicles is prohibited
  • Autorisation d'utiliser le reste des véhicules ennemis si vous en trouvez // You can steal any other light vehicule (Jeep)
  • Obligation d'avoir au moins un squad leader si l'on veut prendre un slot dans un groupe (exception pour le riflemen) // You need at least one squad leader in a group to take any other slot (except for rifleman slot)
  • Marqueurs sur carte autorisés // Markers on map are authorized
  • Attention à la vie civile, dommages collatéraux interdits  // Watch out for collateral damages, no civilians must be harmed
  • Lonewolf strictement interdit // No lonewolf

Apprenez-en plus a propos des règles ici // Learn more about the rule here : https://www.ofcrav2.org/fr/participer/reglesVous ne pouvez pas voir les fichiers joints de cette section.Vous ne pouvez pas voir les fichiers joints de cette section.



The National Armed Forces of Chernarus (58 slots)

  • Officer (PP-2000) - FORECON
  • Second in command (PP-2000) - FORECON
  • HQ Bodyguard (AK-104) - FORECON
  • HQ Bodyguard (AK-104 + RPG-26)  - FORECON

Squad Alpha (Support)
  • Squad leader (AKS-74)  - OFCRA
  • Team leader (AKS-74 + GP-25)  - OFCRA
  • Medic (AKS-74U)  - OFCRA
  • Heavy Machine Gunner (RPK)  - OFCRA
  • Grenadier (AK-74N + GP-25)  - OFCRA
  • Ammo carrier (AK-74N)  - OFCRA
  • Heavy AT Assist. (AK-74N)  - OFCRA
  • Heavy AT (AK-74N + RPG-7)  - OFCRA

Squad Bravo (Recon)
  • Squad leader (AKS-74 with 2x scope)  - Broken grenades
  • Team leader (AKS-74 + GP-25) - Broken grenades
  • Medic (AKS-74U)  - Broken grenades
  • Marksman (SVDM)  - Broken grenades
  • Ammo carrier (AK-74N)   - Broken grenades
  • Marksman assist. (AK-74N with 2x scope+ Designator)   - Broken grenades
  • Recon AT (AK-74N with 2x scope + RPG-26)   - Broken grenades
  • Rifleman (AK-74N with 2x scope)  - Broken grenades

Squad Charlie (Assault)
  • Squad leader (AKS-74)  - OFCRA
  • Team leader (AKS-74 + GP-25)   - OFCRA
  • Medic (AKS-74U)  - OFCRA
  • Room cleaner (M590A1)  - OFCRA
  • Ammo carrier (AK-74N)  - OFCRA
  • Assault Specialist (SLR107U)  - OFCRA
  • Light AT Assault Specialist (SLR107U)  - OFCRA
  • Assault Specialist (SLR107U)  - OFCRA

Squad Delta (Support)
  • Squad leader (AKS-74)  - FJB49
  • Team leader (AKS-74 + GP-25)  - FJB49
  • Medic (AKS-74U)  - FJB49
  • Heavy Machine Gunner (RPK)  - FJB49
  • Grenadier (AK-74N + GP-25)  - FJB49
  • Ammo carrier (AK-74N)  - FJB49
  • Heavy AT Assist. (AK-74N)  - FJB49
  • Heavy AT (AK-74N + RPG-7)  - FJB49

Squad Echo (Recon)
  • Squad leader (AKS-74 with 2x scope) - WT
  • Team leader (AKS-74 + GP-25) - WT
  • Medic (AKS-74U) - WT
  • Marksman (SVDM) - WT
  • Ammo carrier (AK-74N)  - WT
  • Marksman assist. (AK-74N with 2x scope+ Designator) - WT
  • Recon AT (AK-74N with 2x scope + RPG-26) - WT
  • Rifleman (AK-74N with 2x scope) - WT

Squad Foxtrot (Assault)
  • Squad leader (AKS-74) - IBC
  • Team leader (AKS-74 + GP-25) - IBC
  • Medic (AKS-74U) - IBC
  • Room cleaner (M590A1) - IBC
  • Ammo carrier (AK-74N) - IBC
  • Assault Specialist (SLR107U) - IBC
  • Light AT Assault Specialist (SLR107U + RPG-26) - IBC
  • Assault Specialist (SLR107U) - IBC

Hotel (Tank crew)
  • Crew leader   - FJB49
  • Crew member   - FJB49
  • Crew member  - FJB49

India (Heli crew)
  • Pilot -
  • Crew member -
  • Crew member -

  • 1x MI-8MTV-3 (cannot be stolen)
  • 2x GAZ-66
  • 1x T80UM (cannot be stolen)
  • 5x UAZ-3151
  • 2 UAZ-3151 (DShKM)
  • 1x Ural 4320 (Fuel)
  • 1x Ural-4320 (Repair
The Independant Republic of Lusianka (52 slots)

  • Side leader (PP-2000) -
  • second in Command (PP-2000) -
  • HQ Bodyguard (AK-12 + RPG-18) -
  • HQ Bodyguard (AK-12) -

Squad Anna (Support)
  • Squad leader (AK-74M)  - FAWR
  • Team leader (AK-74M + GP-25) )  - FAWR
  • Medic (AKS-74) )  - FAWR
  • Heavy Machine Gunner (PKP) )  - FAWR
  • Grenadier (AK-74M + GP-25))  - FAWR
  • Ammo carrier (AK-74M) )  - FAWR
  • Heavy AT Assist. (AK-74M))  - FAWR
  • Heavy AT (AK-74M + RPG-7) )  - FAWR

Squad Bada (Recon)
  • Squad leader (AK-74M with 2x scope)  - CZ/SK
  • Team leader (AK-74M + GP-25)  - CZ/SK
  • Medic (AKS-74)  - CZ/SK
  • Marksman (SVDM) - CZ/SK
  • Ammo carrier (AK-74M)   - CZ/SK
  • Marksman assist. (AK-74M with 2x scope+ Designator)   - CZ/SK
  • Recon AT (AK-74M with 2x scope + RPG-18)  - CZ/SK
  • Rifleman (AK-74M with 2x scope)  - CZ/SK

Squad Chadda (Assault)
  • Squad leader (AK-74M) - 19th
  • Team leader (AK-74M + GP-25) - 19th
  • Medic (AKS-74) -  19th
  • Room cleaner (Saiga-12S) - 19th
  • Ammo carrier (AK-74M)  - 19th
  • Urban fighter (AK-12U)  - 19th
  • Light AT Urban fighter (AK-12U + RPG-18)  - 19th
  • Urban fighter (AK-12U)  - 19th

Squad Danna (Support)
  • Squad leader (AK-74M) - EDEN
  • Team leader (AK-74M + GP-25) - EDEN
  • Medic (AKS-74) - EDEN
  • Heavy Machine Gunner (PKP) - EDEN
  • Grenadier (AK-74M + GP-25) - EDEN
  • Ammo carrier (AK-74M) - EDEN
  • Heavy AT Assist. (AK-74M) - EDEN
  • Heavy AT (AK-74M + RPG-7) - EDEN

Squad Etsnia (Recon)
  • Squad leader (AK-74M with 2x scope) - 19th
  • Team leader (AK-74M + GP-25) - 19th
  • Medic (AKS-74) -  19th
  • Marksman (SVDM) - 19th
  • Ammo carrier (AK-74M)  - 19th
  • Marksman assist. (AK-74M with 2x scope+ Designator)  - 19th
  • Recon AT (AK-74M with 2x scope + RPG-18)  - 19th
  • Rifleman (AK-74M with 2x scope) - 19th

Squad Franna (Assault)
  • Squad leader (AK-74M) -
  • Team leader (AK-74M + GP-25) -
  • Medic (AKS-74) - 
  • Room cleaner (Saiga-12S) -
  • Ammo carrier (AK-74M)  -
  • Urban fighter (AK-12U)  -
  • Light AT Urban fighter (AK-12U + RPG-18)  -
  • Urban fighter (AK-12U)  -

  • 2x UAZ-3151 (SPG-9)
  • 2x UAZ-3151
  • 2x UAZ-3151 (DShKM)
  • 3x KrAZ-255B1
Static weaponry
  • 2x KORD (6U16) (static weaponry)
  • 2x NSV (6T7)

Signed up but didn't choose a side
CZ - 6-8 players
Broken Grenade - 5-8 players
FAWR - 9-12 players