38-Green Unity

Printemps 2017 - ARMA III


Lingor Island
Lingor (in Persian: ابوموسی) is an island of about 100 km², located in the Persian Gulf. It is the larest island of a five-island archipelago, located at the Strait of Hormuz entrance. It was part of Iranian territory, from antiquity to the early fourteenth century, when it was conquered by the Spanish Empire. As almost the unique stopover between Europe and the East Spanish Indies, the island has been strenuously defended until 1872.
In the early twentieth century, the United Kingdom has taken control and began to administer it along with other islands in the Persian Gulf.
At the end of 1960, their control was transferred to the emirate of Sharjah, one of the states that make up the UAE. In 1968 when the British government declared to abandon the Persian Gulf, Iran has decided to annex the island. In November 1971, the governments of the UAE and the Empire of Iran have agreed to recognize the sovereignty of the island emirate of Sharjah, but also established that the Iranian army would be allowed to be stationed on the island.

March 2007
Dr. Schulz, a renowned Austrian geologist head of his own research unit, located a massive uranium mine on Lingor, an island in the Persian Gulf off the Iranian coast. Iran and the UAE have been fighting for control of this island during the last century.
First estimates show the amount of uranium that could be extracted from the mine to be up to 15% the total world production. If those estimates are correct, Iran would become one of the three major uranium-producing countries of the world.

June 2008
The Iranian government stepped up its efforts in maintaining control of the island and is proceeding to deport foreign citizens that were working on the construction of a school, a hospital and a power plant financed by the UAE.

August 2008
The Iranian government approves and finances a project to enhance the existing infrastructure which will serve the future uranium mine, including two ports serving the island. The UAE government filed a formal written protest accusing Teheran to allegedly unlawfully taking control of the island.

December 2008
Interviewed by the British press, Iran’s Prime Minister announced that the uranium mine will be completed by the end of 2010. Few days later, talks are held in Moscow between an Iranian delegation and high-ranked Russian officials to discuss the terms of a trade agreement regarding the exportation of uranium from Iran to Russia.

November 2009
The UAE officially requested the intervention of the United States and Saudi Arabia, stating that the Iranian policy on uranium exports posed a grave danger to the stability in the Middle East and could have determined turmoil in the oil price.

December 2009
The Middle East crisis is the main point discussed during a UN General Assembly special session, in which the committee voted almost unanimously in favour of economic and financial sanctions on Iran.

February 2009
Russian Prime Minister holds a press conference pushing for the sanctions against Iran to be lifted and pledging Russian support to Iran.
Few weeks later Russian armed forces move to secure the island.

September 2009
USS Enterprise moves to the Persian Gulf, overlooking the island.
Few days later, a UAE Air Force fighter accidentally crosses the border with Iran, entering Iranian airspace. The F-16E unarmed and during a training, is intercepted by four MiG-29 and taken down. Iran hostile actions are condemned worldwide.

December 2009
A UN resolution urges Iran and Russia to move their armed troops out of Lingor within a month.

January 2010
The ultimatum ends on 2010/01/07 at 00:00. Iran and Russia fail to comply, forcing the United States Central Command to authorize “Operation Green Unity” effective immediately. Mission objective is to occupy and secure the island.




  • The Campaign is designed to promote the infantry firefight with the support of vehicles, in a simulative and immersive story. Therefore vehicles availability (in time and amount) is set accordingly to a general balance attempt;
  • The Campaign objective is the achievement of 30 points.
    The first side which earns enough points, is awarded with the victory. In case both sides reach 30+ points at the end of the same mission, the campaign ends in a draw;
  • A maximum of 10 points might be earned during each mission, awarded as follow:
    1. Primary Objective: 5 points;
    2. Secondary Objective: 3 points;
    3. Hostile Combat Effectiveness equal or below to 5 units: 2 points;
  • All missions last 2.15h, comprehensive of 15 minutes of Warm-Up time;
  • Each side may deploy a maximum player number of 25;
  • OFCRA choses which side to play, prior the announcement of the first mission;
  • The missions will be played every second Thursday after the first one.


  • Each side may choose an adequate number of available vehicles to transport maximum 25 players;
  • Once used in a mission, a vehicle is considered lost for the purpose of the total availability;
  • No rearming is available for any vehicles. For the sake of a simulative gameplay, a safe and procedural rearming may take hours for each vehicle;
  • In case players may end without any transport, some civilian transport vehicles are distributed over the whole island;
  • Higher class vehicles availability will be increased depending on the achievement of secondary objectives during the missions after MN02.


  • The missions will be played in a highly simulative environment; therefore, the following settings will be enabled:
    - Elite mode;
    - No Respawn;
    - Permanent death;
    - Spectator Script after death limited to the respective side;


04 - Vehicles List USA

04 - Vehicles List RUS


  • MN01 - 23.03.17
  • MN02 - 06.04.17
  • MN03 - 20.04.17
  • MN04 - 04.05.17
  • MN05 - 18.05.17
  • MN06 - 01.06.17