Game rules

  1. Technical support will be provided before 21h00 on the mission evening, if there is an emergency in game issue please contact any member of the comité. We are able to revive in most non-enemy related deaths and teleport if both player to player names are provided
  2. Stealing radios is prohibited
  3. Stealing uniforms (hats, clothes, vest) is prohibited, as is removing your own to gain an advantage
  4. You can only use TFAR and map markers to communicate in game. Any other way of communicating to gain an advantage is strictly forbidden
  5. The in game chat is only allowed for technical issues
  6. Respect the hierarchy, orders from your superiors and the chain of command
  7. All vehicles can be stolen. It will be specified on the topic if this is not the case for a mission
  8. Any form of avoidable vehicular impact kill or damage is not allowed
  9. Any form of tow rope/sling load abuse to cause damage is not allowed
  10. Killing or looting AI during warmup is not allowed. If you disconnect and your AI is killed you cannot take a different slot.
  11. Vehicles assigned to squads are the only ones available to used by them leaving spawn, otherwise vehicles are assigned by side leads
  12. Squad compositions must be respected. units can only be merged between squads reserved by communities or assigned by side leads
  13. Each mission may have its own specific rules which must be followed
  14. OFCRA wishes to encourage squad and fireteam engagements. A fireteam is composed at minimum of 4 players who must be playing close together. This means that teams of 7 or under are unable to use fireteams and must play together closely as a single squad. If you are acting as an individual despite how coordinated you may be, this is against our events intentions, against our rules and will be punished
  15. If you are the lone survivor you must head towards either the objective or friendly forces(you are fine to engage enemies provided you are going towards one of these two)
  16. To be considered part of a squad you must ace join the team
  17. The minimum squad size is 4 or whatever the mission maker has decided in squad creation if lower than this. Teams which are 4 or less must play with another clan with the exception of those manning armed vehicles as part of a squad who are considered a fireteam provided they are at least 2 players but upon dismount must regroup with a friendly squad or go directly to an objective
  18. Objectives should never be blocked entirely by either teams. At minimum one path that advanced movement/swimming is not required to traverse defences must always be left to reach an objective
  19. Leaving the map is against the rules or the game zone defined by the mission. If you have left the map, you should re-enter it at the nearest possible point
  20. OFCRA reserves the right to act against anything which is seen as contrary to the spirit of the game


Complaint procedure

If you think someone broke one of the rules above, you can directly contact one of the OFCRA Bureau members or the missions maker. It would be counterproductive to start yelling at the person or message them on steam. Don't forget that we play Arma to have fun, and the person who broke the rule might have done it without being aware of it.

We will then start collecting informations to decide if the rule has been broken and if the sanction has to apply. If you have any screenshots, videos or anything that could prove your point, make sure to transfer them to us. The accused person will also be made aware of the charge against them and will be able to defend them-self if they so wishes by filing the same pleas as mentioned above.

If the rule has been broken, the complainant and the ruler breaker will be contacted to be made aware of our decision. If the rule was not broken, the same procedure applies. If both cases, our decision comes with a short explanation.



  • First incident : Warning and reminder of the rule.
  • Second incident : Suspended for one official or public event (1.30 hours mission).
  • Third incident : Suspended for two official or public events (1.30 hours mission).
  • Fourth incident : Suspended for two months, maybe more according to the context.
  • Fifth incident : BAN for an undefinite amount of time.