(This is a translation of the official statutes of the association. Only the french version has legal value)

Article 1 - Designation

It is founded be the founding members Matthieu BOITREL, Julien ROCH, Dominique OLOW, Clément GAUBERT et Benoît SOHIER an association regulated by the law of july 1st 1901 and the decree of august 16th 1901, called as “Organisation Francophone de Simulations Militaires Tactiques” and as subheading “OFSMT”.

Article 2 - Object

This association’s purpose is to provide to its members a structure to practice military online simulations whilst focusing on realism and teamwork. 
The association can also organize activities aimed at reinforcing a bond of friendship between the members of the association (IRL meetings, playing video games…).

Article 3 - Head Office

The head office is established at the secretary’s domicile, in France. It can be transferred by a decision of the executive board. The members of the association have to be warned by the president thirty days before the effective date of the transfer.

Article 4 - Duration

The association’s duration is unlimited. 

Article 5 - Composition

The association consists of the entirety of its members.
Is a member any person that has been admitted by the OFSMT and that has paid their contribution.
The amount of the said contribution is fixed each year during the general assembly. 


Article 6 - Bureau

The bureau consists of :

  • a president
  • a treasurer
  • a secretary
  • an administrator

The members of the bureau are elected during the general assembly, for a mandate of one year. 


Article 7 - Membership application

Membership applications are formulated by application bulletin on the website of the association or written to the address of the head office.


Article 8 - Renewal of the membership

The renewal of the membership is subordinated to the agreement of the acceding member and the association, represented by the bureau, who is free to refuse based on contractual freedom. 
To formulate a refusal to a renewal, a vote  is held within the bureau. This vote takes place with half of its members, adopted to the majority. 
Therefore, the refusal to the renewal application of a member is not considered as a disciplinary expulsion but only comes under the freedom given to the association regarding the renewal application without having to justify in any way or form.


Article 9 - Expulsion

The status of member is lost by :

  • resignation
  • death

expulsion formulated by the executive board based on unpaid contribution or compelling grounds. In this case, the individual shall have been invited by e-mail and private message to appear in the executive board to develop explanations. 


Article 10 - Ressources

The resources of the association include :

  • the amount of the contributions,
  • spontaneous personal donation of the members of the association,
  • spontaneous donation of others physical or legal person.


Article 11 - The ordinary general assembly

The ordinary general assembly meets at least once a year and brings all the members together that are paid-up. 

At least fifteen days before the scheduled date, the members of the association are convened by the president’s or the executive board’s request, or by a third of the members of the association.


Article 12 - Conseil d’Administration

The general assembly is led by an executive board. The executive board consists of the members of the Bureau. The executive board meets at least once a year and each time it is convened by the president or at least a quarter of the members.

The decisions are adopted by a majority of the present members. In the case of a tie, the vote of the president is predominant. Voting by proxy is not allowed. The presence of at least half the members is necessary to validate the deliberation of the executive board. 

Article 13 - The extraordinary general assembly 

The president convenes an extraordinary general assembly by request of the executive board or a quarter of the members of the association. The conditions to convene are the same as the one to defined to convene an ordinary general assembly. The decisions are adopted by a majority of two third of the present members. 


Article 14 - Internal regulation

An internal regulation is established by the bureau. 


Article 15 - Dissolution

The dissolution of the association can only be pronounced during a general assembly, by a majority of two third of the present members. In this case, one or multiple liquidators are designated by the general assembly the assets, if there is any, is vested according to the 9th article of the law of july 1st 1901 and to the decree of august 16th 1901.