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Printemps 2018 - ARMA III

Altis island is located about 50 km away from the strait of Dardanelles, in the Aegean Sea. This island represents an important logistic point, because of the potential control Black Sea naval traffic.
In 1915, a main attack conducted by the British Army, took the control of the island and Pyrgos port was used as main harbor by the Royal Navy. Following the ending of WWI, Altis remained under the protection of the British Empire during the WWII and the Cold War.

The European clashes
On the 26th of June 1988, a group of armed protesters occupied a few government buildings in Warsaw and violent clashes took place in the following days in all main cities of the Eastern Poland. Few weeks later, three soviet divisions entered Poland, escorting a humanitarian convoy and actively supported the rebel fight. In the following months, the insurgent cities declared the independency and they formed the new Independent State of the Eastern Poland. The clashes continued and spread through all Poland in a civil war.

In the first months of 1989, NATO members met to discuss a possible intervention plan, but none of the solution proposed was accepted by the majority of the members. United Kingdom, Holland and Norway firmly refused to intervene with the politics of the Eastern Block. A humanitarian operation on Polish soil was activated on April 1989.
In May 1990, diplomatic relations between UK and USA reached an all-time low: after the critics against UK’s decision to not interfere in the Polish civil war, the British Prime Minister issued the expulsion of all the American diplomats. Few months later, United Kingdom interrupted its contribution to the humanitarian mission, undermining the success of the NATO operations. This decision was hardly criticized also by the French Foreign Affair Minister, who called this action “a foolish act”. The idea of a Polish capitulation, worried all European leaders, as they feared an armed conflict in the heart of Europe.

The USA offensive

Because of the Poland escalation, in February 1991 USA government decided to strengthen American presence in the Mediterranean Sea. They asked London to provide the free access to American Navy and Army on Altis territory. After the hard rejection from the UK, none of the further negotiations were successful. The “Special relationship” is broken.
As a conflict with the Soviet Union seemed inevitable, the American Army prepared an invasion of Altis and requested the support from European forces already stationed in the area. France and Italy answered the call, sending their troops to take control of the island. However, the Soviet Union did not sit back and sent its troops with the unusual task to support the British forces in the defense of Altis.

The Campaign is designed to promote the infantry firefight with the support of vehicles, in an immersive story. Therefore, vehicles availability (in time and amount) is set accordingly to a general balance attempt;
The Campaign objective is the achievement of the highest points after 5 missions;
A maximum of 10 points might be earned during each mission, generally awarded as follow:
2 Primary Objectives: 4 points each;
1 Secondary Objective: 2 points;
All missions last 2.15h comprehensive of 15 minutes of Warm-Up time
Each side may deploy a maximum player number of 40.
The missions will be played every second Thursday after the first mission.





At the beginning of each missions, each side is assigned with vehicle sufficient to transport all available units.

List of available vehicles for each side:

M-1025 (M2)
M-1025 (unarmed)
M113 (M2)
M113 (M240)
Defender (M2)
Defender (unarmed)
M113 (M2)
M113 (M240)


UAZ (Unarmed)
Defender (M2)
Defender (unarmed)
Jackal (M2)
Jackal (M240)

Rearming is available:
While approaching the airfield, request the landing with the ACE interaction with the vehicle; Land at the airfield
The co-pilot must request the reload/refueling through interaction with the refueling truck
Choose either Rearming to 100% ammo or to 50% ammo. (do not enter in the helicopter during the rearming procedure, otherwise it will not be completed);
The pilot requests the reload-/refuel via ACE interaction with the vehicle;
o Once the procedure is completed, the pilot can enter in the helicopter and take off.

Logistic truck available: an ACE interaction with the truck activates the deployment of a small mobile base to rearm and refuel ground vehicles:
Move the logistic truck in the requested position;
Deploy the supply camp in a suitable area via ACE interaction with the vehicles (select the camp position, either in front or on the right of the truck). A .50 cal turret and an anti-aircraft system will be available (ATTENTION: to deploy the camp, the operator must be outside the truck and must be the only person/vehicle nearby);
Move the vehicle as close as possible to the tent the vehicle to rearm/refuel;
o Rearm/refuel the ground vehicle through ACE-interaction on the crate under the tent (ATTENTION: To repair a vehicle, you must have a repair kit in your inventory).

Elite mode;
No Respawn;
Permanent death;
Spectator post-mortem;
No radio or uniform stealing;
In game communications only through TFAR; Chat use authorized only for technical issues;


  • LONGEST DAYS M01: 05 avril 2018
  • LONGEST DAYS M02: 19 avril 2018
  • LONGEST DAYS M03: 03 mai 2018
  • LONGEST DAYS M04: 17 mai 2018
  • LONGEST DAYS M05: 31 mai 2018


24.05.2024[Public TvT] Battle of Caen - 06.06.2024


June 1944

The Battle of Caen was a pivotal engagement during World War II following the D-Day landings. Caen, a strategically important city in Normandy, France, became the focal point of this battle due to its transport connections, which made it a key objective for both sides. The battle unfolded in several phases, each with its own codename.

Epsom, was an attempt by British forces to outflank Caen, This included the commanding positins around Hill 112.

Charnwood followed, with British and Canadian forces launching a massive offensive to seize Caen's suburbs.

Finally, Operation Goodwood, involving a major British armored thrust aimed to capture the rest of Caen and push beyond

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20.09.2023[Public TvT] Operation Euphrates Fury - 28.09.2023


Sa'hatra, June 1991

Shortly after the end of Operation Desert Storm in Iraq, tensions remained in the region, and US intelligence obtained information that Iraqi troops had hidden a fleet of armoured vehicles, posing a continuing threat to the stability of the region.
The US-led coalition, concerned about this potential threat, decided to launch an operation, dubbed "Euphrates Fury", to locate and destroy these vehicles.

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09.06.2023[Public TvT] WW2 Operation Saber - 15.06.2023



Europe 1944
Germany has been on the retreat. The allies are trying to cut off a separated mechanized group of German Tiger tanks. The German's are trying to get the tanks to safety while engaging in a fighting retreat.


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14.04.2023[Public TvT] Operation Zombie - 20.04.2023


The troubles have waged in Ireland for years, conflict has made the streets battlegrounds. This bloodshed is fed by a constant supply of arms from sympathetic groups outside of Ireland. With the largest shipment to date due, now is the time for the PIRA to show the world how much power they have and take control of an entire town. However, the timing has not worked out and now swift British intervention could show the world how in control they are. Once again this will be decided by battles on the streets. .

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03.06.2022[TvT Publique] European Madness - 09.06.2022



The year is 2025, the global political situation is worse than ever, nonrenewable resources are almost depleted and the global economy is in decline. This left Europe in a state of rapid deterioration. The European Union disintegrated and former member states went into chaos. Something unexpected happened. The Czech Republic found a new, yet unused deposit of coal, crude oil, and uranium. This deposit was found west of Ustí Nad Labem, which is also known as the Chernarus area. A new refinery was built in the city of Chernogorsk. This refinery was supposed to be used to manufacture enough oil for the entire Czech Republic with some to spare which would be sold. Germany intercepted a radio communication about the plans and decided, that they will not let it just be, as now they have the biggest refinery and almost no crude oil to refine. If they managed to capture the refinery, the entire south part of Chernarus would be in their control. This would mean that the newly found deposits would be under their control, with a closeby refinery already built. This is why the Bundeswehr was tasked with the capture of the city of Chernogorsk. The operation is taking place on Monday, 09.06.2025, 0340 hours. The Army of the Czech Republic is however ready for this and sent a considerable part of its soldiers and equipment to protect Chernogorks.

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