53-Grey Zone

Hiver 2022 - ARMA III

The battle for influence over the troubled nation of Venezuela has been waged by Russian hard power with mercenaries and arms against the United States of America who fought for influence with economic sanctions. In the end amongst the collapse of the price of oil the American method proved more effective. This change of international outlook saw Russians expelled in the dozens. This situation is not pleasing those in Moscow and they have dispatched their best PMC group to see no assets are lost in the retreat. With this new outlook the Venezuelan government has invited the United Nations in to document possible war crimes committed by Russia on Venezuelan land while there was an understanding. This cannot be allowed to happen. Luckily, Venezuela is still a very dangerous nation for western investigators and so if a terrible accident was to occur it would understandable. Get it done.


  • 03.02.2022 - M01 - Sunlight
  • 17.02.2022 - M02 - Maple Taffy
  • 10.03.2022 - M03 - National Acrobat
  • 24.03.2022 - m04 - La Luna